Public Policy Advisor

A periodic series that examines such subjects as fiscal and tax policy, health and environmental issues, and education policy and offers commentary on current or emerging political, social, and policy issues.

Michigan Roundup

A one-page summary of Michigan legislative activity and political news of significance to government operations, public policy, and voter attitudes. Published weekly during legislative sessions and intermittently during legislative recesses.

Health Policy Bulletin

A monthly publication that provides analysis of important health care issues under consideration by the legislature, executive branch, and professional associations.

by Frances L. Faverman

Economic Forecast

Written by Robert J. Kleine, Vice President and Senior Economist and Frances Spring, Economist

Michigan Commentary

A periodic publication that offers insight into current or emerging political, social, and policy issues.

Public Opinion Monitor

A periodic publication that reports results from our own statewide polls of public opinion on issues of the day and analyzes the implications. Most include trend data on the governor’s and legislature’s approval ratings, economic confidence of the public, and respondents’ political party affiliation.

Michigan Revenue Report