By David Fair and Lisa Wozniak

The new year brings a number of environmental challenges in Michigan. Governor Rick Snyder is in his lame duck year, and mid‐​term elections could impact legislative priorities. In this month’s edition of “1st Friday Focus on the Environment,” you’ll get a sense of where we’re headed.

Topics covered in this interview:

  • Michigan leaders on both sides of the aisle face a monumental challenge regarding clean safe drinking water.
  • A ½ million people have lead service lines in Michigan that need to be replaced.
  • There is severe groundwater contamination in 28 places across the state and all 83 of Michigan’s counties are facing water and infrastructure issues.
  • 45% of Michiganders get their drinking water from wells…
  • New lead and copper rule is in place. It will be expensive and covering costs will likely fall to local units of government.
  • How Governor Rick Snyder will approach environmental policy in his lame‐​duck year while candidates campaign for the 2018 mid‐​term elections.

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