2011 Michigan Prophecy Contest Results

The first place winner of the 2011 Michigan Prophecy Contest is Don Tilley with 45 points out of a total of 61. Second place goes to Vince Capizzo with 44 points. The final answers to last year’s prophecy contest are noted below. The winner of the 2012 contest will be announced in January of 2013.

1. The governor signs into law a flat‐​rate corporate income tax to replace the Michigan Business Tax. NO
2. The governor vetoes one or more bills passed by the legislature. YES
3. A congressional redistricting plan adopted by the legislature is overturned by a court. NO
4. At least one state legislative redistricting plan adopted by the legislature is overturned by a court. NO
5. At least one member of Michigan’s congressional delegation (House and Senate) announces that s/​he will not seek reelection. YES
6. The governor signs into law an increased tax on one or more of these products: cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, liquor, beer, or wine. NO
7. The governor recommends the sale of either or both the Lansing and Mackinac Island governor’s residences. NO
8. The legislature places at least one constitutional amendment on the 2012 ballot. NO
9. The governor signs into law amendments to the state teacher tenure law. NO
10. The governor signs into law a statewide pooling of health care benefits for at least some active or retired public employees. NO
11. The number of state departments on December 31, 2011, will be 16 or fewer. NO
12. The governor signs into law modifications to the state’s smoking ban in public places. NO
13. All state budget bills are enacted into law on or before July 4, 2010. YES
14. The governor signs into law a ban using “hand to the ear” telephoning while driving. NO
15. The governor calls for an end to State Police policing on highways and roads. NO

1. Michigan’s unemployment rate (seasonally adjusted) in October 2011 is 9.5 percent or higher. YES
2. GM announces adding a new car or eliminating an existing division (such as Cadillac or Chevrolet). NO
3. The interest rate of a 30‐​year fixed mortgage (Detroit) on December 1, 2011, is 5.0% or less. YES
4. Through November 30, 2011, Michigan shows a net, annual gain in jobs. YES
5. At year’s end (December 31), a share of stock in Ford (F) sells for $30.00 or more. NO
6. At year’s end, a share of stock in MASCO (MAS) sells for $15.00 or more. NO
7. At year’s end, a share of stock in Dow Chemical (DOW) sells for $35.00 or more. NO
8. At year’s end, a share of stock in Spartan Motors (SPAR) sells for $8.00 NO
9. At year’s end, a share of stock in Universal Forest Products (UFPI) sells for $40.00 or more. NO
10. At year’s end, a share of stock in Compuware (CPWR) sells for $12.00 or more. NO
11. At year’s end, a share of stock in Neogen (NEOG) sells for $40.00 or more. NO
12. At year’s end, a share of stock in Kellogg (K) sells for $55.00 or more. NO
13. At year’s end, a share of stock in Whirlpool (WHR) sells for $80.00 or more NO
14. Michigan opens an economic development office in Asia. NO

1. The Detroit Red Wings play in the Stanley Cup finals. NO
2. The Detroit Tigers tie for or win their division. YES
3. The Detroit Lions, in the 2011/​12 season, win five or more games by year’s end. YES
4. The Detroit Pistons play in the NBA finals. NO
5. MSU or U‑M wins the Big Ten football championship. NO
6. A Michigan school wins or shares the MAC football conference championship. NO
7. A Michigan men’s or women’s basketball team makes it to the final four of its respective NCAA tournament. NO
8. A Michigan school plays in the 2011 NCAA hockey championship (final two). NO
9. New owner(s) of the Detroit Pistons announce moving out of the Palace. NO

1. A Michigan resident or newspaper wins or shares a Pulitzer Prize. NO
2. A Michigan resident wins or shares a Nobel Prize. NO
3. A Michigan native wins or shares a Tony for a lead or featured performance. NO
4. A hardcover book (fiction or non‐​fiction) written by a Michigan resident appears for at least one week as the New York Times’ top bestseller. NO
5. A film at least partially filmed in Michigan is nominated for a Golden Globe as one of the five best dramas or comedy/​musicals of 2011. YES
6. Ten or more K – 12 school districts consolidate. NO
7. A Michigan resident competes in the final 12 for American Idol. NO
8. Two or more state universities merge. NO
9. Two or more presidents of Michigan’s 15 public universities announce their retirement or resignation or are dismissed. NO

1. A Michigan resident wins the national spelling bee. NO
2. The Pontiac Silverdome is razed. NO
3. One or more Michigan‐​Canadian border crossings close for seven or more days. NO
4. At the 2011 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, a Michigan dog owner wins “Best in Show.” NO
5. The Labor Day Mackinac Bridge walk/​run is cancelled or postponed. NO
6. Either/​both the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News end all print editions. NO
7. A prominent Michigan resident attends William and Kate’s wedding. NO
8. One or more cities or townships formally file for bankruptcy. NO
9. Miss USA hails from Michigan. NO
10. A Michigan community ties or exceeds the record high temperature (112 degrees in 1936). NO
11. A new record low (-51 degrees in 1934) is set. NO
12. Gov. Granholm announces that she will join a national network as commentator or host. YES
13. An Asian carp collides with a jet skier on a Great Lake. NO

At the closing bell on December 31, 2011, the Dow Jones Industrial average is at or higher than 12,000. YES