For nearly two decades, PSC has been tracking and detailing the effects of the nonprofit sector on the economy and life of Michigan. In May, PSC will release its latest update.

While all the details have to wait until then, the new report will track with previous versions that have shown nonprofits:

  • Spend billions of dollars in Michigan each year.
  • Are economic anchors in practically every Michigan community.
  • Range in size from tiny fraternal lodges to huge hospital systems to three of the world’s largest private foundations.

“As PSC’s work has shown again and again in recent years, Michigan’s nonprofit sector is a major contributor to the state’s economy and its quality of life,” says Rob Collier, president and CEO of the Council of Michigan Foundations.

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Rob Collier, president and CEO of the Council of Michigan Foundations

“The investments our members make in communities large and small across the state bring real-life results to residents.”

Jeff Williams, the CEO of PSC who has been involved with every nonprofit sector review, adds, “It never ceases to impress me how important the nonprofit sector is to daily life in Michigan. We are proud to be the council’s partner in continuing to share this message with the general public and decision-makers.

“At PSC, we always are excited to find avenues to advance the quality of and discussion over public policy in Michigan, and beyond. Maximizing the contributions of nonprofits in our communities is just one facet of the broad issue of community investment.”