Dear friends,

We’re sending this message to clients and partners who have worked with the health practice at Public Sector Consultants (PSC). Your involvement at the firm has probably included interactions with the practice’s leader, Peter Pratt. Recently, Peter was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and is undergoing treatment. While this information is incredibly difficult to process, the entire PSC team is comforting and encouraging each other as well as Peter and his family. In supporting Peter with our thoughts and our actions, we want you to know that the firm and its health practice will continue to serve clients and partners with the same level of service you’ve come to trust and depend on.

As you may know, Peter planned to transition to a new role at the end of this year as part of a phased retirement, and PSC has been preparing for this change all year. Vice presidents Amanda Menzies and Scott Dzurka were already in place as leaders of the health practice, and the rest of the team keeps moving forward as project managers and supporters. Should you have any questions about a project, please connect with ScottAmanda, or your PSC point of contact.

We’ve been asked to have letters, cards, and gifts sent to the firm so that we can pass them along in an orderly fashion; our contact information can be found below. We have also created a public care page where you can send notes, photographs, and other media, and you are welcome to send as many acknowledgments as you wish. Everyone will have access to the content, including Peter and his family.

This time is hard, and Peter’s absence is already being felt. We appreciate your continued confidence in the firm and look forward to carrying on our shared mission — improving the quality of life for all Michigan residents. Indeed, it is the greatest gift we can give to Peter.


The PSC Family