Bright Ideas Entries from 2015

Peter Pratt, president

PSC turns 36!

PSC president Peter Pratt Public Sector Consultants’ president, Peter Pratt, has been with the firm for 29 years. In honor of PSC’s 36th birthday this past month, he reflects on [...]

Team that celebrates diversity

Talent in Michigan: Setting an ambitious agenda

An interactive conversation hosted by Public Sector Consultants Talent retention, recruitment and development are key to a healthy workforce. On Oct. 29, Public Sector Consultants will bring together experts in [...]

Region 9 Prosperity Summit

Region 9 Prosperity Summit…setting the course for the future!

Come hear from leaders of successful regional economic partnerships about how they have moved their talent and economic agendas forward, discuss how these models could be applied in Region 9 [...]

Gears of public policy innovation

In the Gears: PSC’s evaluation skills inform decision-makers

Effective policy does not end with implementation; programs, initiatives and policies must be continuously evaluated to make sure they are reaching their milestones and goals. At PSC, consultants work with [...]

Jeff Guilfoyle, vice president

Voters, experts agree: It’s time for an independent redistricting commission

Redistricting made national headlines this past June when the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Arizona’s independent redistricting commission -- a bipartisan alternative to having the state legislature draw voting lines. In [...]

University Students Taking Notes

Upcoming conference will focus on college affordability and value

High school seniors have some big decisions to make before they put on their caps and gowns. And because of tuition hikes in Michigan, these decisions are getting more difficult. [...]

downtown chelsea mi feature photo

In the Gears: Defining the problems — and solutions — for Region 9

Downtown Chelsea, Michigan. Defining problems and solutions through facilitation, strategic counsel and strategic planning is the focus in this installment of In the Gears, a series that highlights the tools [...]

Eastern Market in Detroit

The Michigan Clean Energy Reports: A look at clean energy

Participants engage at a Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association energy fair. Communities throughout Michigan are making clean energy efforts, but it’s important to take a closer look at what’s actually [...]

Group of diverse children

PSC report makes recommendations to improve Michigan’s education system

Michigan’s economic future depends on the state’s ability to produce a talented workforce that can both create new businesses and jobs and attract them from around the world. But despite [...]

United States army veterans

Beyond the battlefield: Bridging the disconnect between public perception and the state’s efforts

Most Michiganders think the state doesn’t give returning veterans adequate services, according to a recent poll from Michigan Radio and Public Sector Consultants. According to the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency [...]

Five college graduates in their caps and gowns

Tracking the class of 2015: Where will millennials move post-graduation?

As spring comes to a close, students across the nation will pour out of the hallowed halls of colleges and universities to launch their careers and their futures. As tassels [...]

Public Sector Consultants' environment and energy team

In the Gears: Putting PSC’s implementation skills to work for the Great Lakes

Fostering an idea into a fully implemented project is the focus in this installment of In the Gears, a series that highlights the tools PSC uses to turn the gears of public [...]

Child girl who just had a vaccine shot

Why vaccinating matters

Each year, thousands of children become ill from diseases that could have been prevented by basic immunizations. When a child catches measles or whooping cough, there is an obvious threat [...]

R. Collier

Q&A: Council of Michigan Foundations President and CEO Rob Collier

Growing Michigan’s philanthropic impact is a primary goal for the Council of Michigan Foundations (CMF). The organization depends on its members, investments in Michigan’s charitable organizations, collaboration and more to [...]

Power plant

Powering the Mitten: Report warns of looming electricity capacity shortfall

Source: Midwest Independent System Operator via Public Sector Consultants. Electricity shortages, rolling blackouts, and surging electricity prices were the order of the day in California back in 2000 and 2001. California's [...]

Two children picking cherries

Meet the Michigan economy: Cars, chairs and cherries, oh my!

North Star Organics cherry orchard in Frankfort, MI. Recession hit Michigan earlier and deeper than most states during the last decade, digging an economic hole that residents and businesses have [...]

Vintage film strip

Michigan in the movies: Q&A with Michigan Film Office director Margaret O’Riley

The Michigan Film Office has been active since 1979, serving as a bridge between the state government and those interested in bringing images from the Great Lake State to the [...]

Child with asthma

Q&A: PSC’s Shanna Draheim and Amanda Menzies on the Green and Healthy Homes Initiative

A healthy home is crucial for educational and economic success — unfortunately, many families live in substandard housing, plagued by hazards like mold or chipping lead paint. The national nonprofit [...]

Michelle Richard and Sarah Greer reviewing a binder of information

In The Gears: Turning the implementation gear with the Michigan Department of Education

Bringing projects from thought to practice takes a special set of skills in implementation. How implementation benefits our clients is the focus of this installment of In the Gears, a series that [...]