Bright Ideas Entries from 2016

preschool children

How do you build a better child care system? With greater investment and pure determination

Every day, parents across Michigan make difficult decisions about who will care for their children. What moms and dads want is a safe place where their kids are happy, healthy [...]

Oil refinery in Detroit

Michigan’s oil and natural gas industry is an economic and environmental force. Who knew?

An oil refinery in Detroit Automobiles. Agriculture. Tourism. These are probably the words that come to mind when people think of industries that contribute most to Michigan’s economy. But what [...]

Jeff Williams and Joan Bowman

Michigan nonprofits pack an unexpected economic punch

On a regular day inside any Michigan nonprofit, from huge hospitals to tiny foundations, business as usual is exactly that: business. Staff members make purchases and pay bills. Funds for [...]

Downtown Detroit skyline.

PSC’s research tells the story of URC’s impact on Detroit

To increase the area’s prosperity, the University Research Corridor (URC) has been actively engaged in Detroit-focused research projects and initiatives for a number of years. But are its efforts working? [...]

Aerial photo of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Happy birthday, PSC!

A lot can happen in 37 years — just ask anyone who has ever been part of the Public Sector Consultants (PSC) family. Since its inception in Jerry Faverman’s basement [...]

Doctor and patient shake hands

Q&A: PSC’s Peter Pratt and Jane Powers talk about building consensus on alternatives to Section 298

In February 2016, Gov. Rick Snyder shocked the health care community when, in Section 298 of his Michigan Department of Health and Human Services' (MDHHS) budget, he proposed that the [...]

Aerial photo of farm land in Michigan.

PSC evaluates two innovative food programs’ efforts to help vulnerable children

The Farm to School and Hoophouses for Health programs are working hard to help Michigan farmers grow more vegetables and get them onto the tables of families with children who [...]

Q&A: PSC’s Jon Beard discusses how much Michigan should be spending on its water infrastructure

When people hear the word "infrastructure," roads, bridges, airports and railroads immediately come to mind — the things we see and use every day. It’s much less common, at least [...]

workplace wellness feature

PSC turns a fun, friendly competition into a statewide behavior-change program for small businesses

We’ve all heard the adage: If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Jacquie LaFay, a consultant with Public Sector Consultants (PSC), believes the saying applies equally to [...]

Jane Powers, senior policy fellow

Data visualization: PSC helps longtime client explore this new frontier

Data can be used to make decisions and drive change, but only if it can be easily accessed, understood and manipulated. That’s why Public Sector Consultants (PSC) utilizes Tableau, an [...]

Downtown area with people dining on patios

Eight placemaking assets show economic promise for Michigan communities

With so many headlines broadcasting the challenges facing our cities — from struggling schools, crumbling infrastructure and a lack of affordable housing to food insecurity and precarious finances — it [...]

Teacher helping students in a computer lab

Striving for more graduates in Michigan

This article originally appeared in Capital Gains, an online magazine and website showcasing the growth and investments transforming the Lansing region, on February 24, 2016. It has been edited by PSC staff for this reprint [...]

Pictured Rocks in the winter time with kayakers

Leveraging Michigan’s natural resources for economic development

As any Michigander knows, our state has abundant and diverse natural resources that everyone can enjoy. These resources contribute significantly to the state’s culture, history, identity and economy—attracting visitors, residents [...]

Q&A: PSC’s Julie Metty Bennett on the firm’s inclusive approach to strategic planning

For an entire day, no phones were answered, no e-mails were replied to and no texts were sent. Instead, Public Sector Consultants’ staff unplugged for a daylong retreat to make [...]

Car taking a curve with a motion blur

Michiganders’ voices heard on issues ripped from the headlines

Michigan Radio and Public Sector Consultants (PSC) presented voters with a diverse set of questions in its latest quarterly poll, with topics ranging from robot cars to carrying concealed weapons. [...]

students in a classroom

Beyond evaluation: How Michigan supports its teachers

This article originally appeared in Second Wave, a Michigan-focused online magazine, on November 9, 2015. In early November, Gov. Rick Snyder signed new rules for evaluating teacher performance into Michigan law. Senate Bill [...]

Aerial photo of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Best Thing About Public Sector Consultants Video

Before ringing in the new year and making resolutions, we asked staff, “What is the best thing about PSC?” A whole lot of wonderful ensued. Check it out! Share: