Bright Ideas Entries from 2018

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The Power of 1 Percent

Just how big is 1 percent? Well, when it comes to caring for our state’s aging population, a 1 percent change in services or outcomes is bigger than most of [...]

Old home that is in shambles

Land banks: Drastically reinventing communities, even amidst funding crunches

Michigan isn’t exactly a stranger to distressed and blighted properties. Many homes across the state have lain abandoned for years — some serving as decade-old reminders of the Great Recession [...]

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What We’re Reading

According to a 2016 Pew Research Center survey, about a quarter of American adults report they have not read a book — in whole or in part — in the [...]

The production team at public sector consultants, collaborating on edits for a report.

Why does PSC’s work shine? Its team of wordsmiths and artists, of course

Powerful policy solutions and compelling marketing and communications products don’t take shape overnight. They’re the result of copious research, countless development meetings and a lot of hard work. But at [...]

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Happy Brandiversary PSC!

A year ago this month, Public Sector Consultants launched its new brand — a fresh, sunny look that we thought better reflected our enthusiasm for and commitment to creating innovative, [...]

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12 More Reasons to Love Michigan

Ask any Michigander why they choose to live here and chances are their answer will include access to world-class outdoor recreation assets. Whether you’re a skier, biker, hunter, camper, golfer, [...]

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Five questions with Jon Beard about pups, pollution and policy

Canine scent work isn’t just reserved for bomb detection and police investigations. Dogs with savvy sniffers are increasingly being used to detect the presence of human waste in our lakes, [...]

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What kills more Michiganders — guns, cars or opioids?

You can’t escape it; nearly every day there is a disturbing report or news story warning us about the worst drug crisis in American history — the rampant opioid epidemic. [...]