For the past two years, PSC has been working with the Coalition to Keep Michigan Warm to illustrate the importance of the Low‐​income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), which helps eligible households pay their heating and home energy bills. As part of this work, PSC creates tailored infographics for stakeholders to take to Capitol Hill during budget talks so their congressional representatives understand how meaningful LIHEAP is to the people in their respective districts.

Senior consultant Eric Pardini explains why this work is more critical than ever before:

“Like many other programs under scrutiny right now, LIHEAP is on the federal budget chopping block. But more than 450,000 Michigan households rely on energy assistance to get through our winters.

For families at the lowest income levels, energy or heating bills might account for 30 or 40 percent of their income. That’s simply not sustainable. Unfortunately, these families are often our most vulnerable and depend on LIHEAP assistance to keep their house warm during our most brutal winter days.

The PSC team is really honored to be working to give good information to the right people. So many Michiganders depend on LIHEAP, and their stories deserve to be heard at the highest level.”