From Bridge Magazine

The staggering cost of child care is one of the biggest economic burdens facing Michigan families. Its cost can delay home ownership, force children into cheaper, lower‐​quality child care, and keep some parents out of the workforce, according to Jeff Guilfoyle, vice president of Public Sector Consultants, who helped prepare a 2016 report for the Michigan Department of Education on child care access and affordability.

At the same time, many parents are realizing there is a cost to not getting their children into high‐​quality childcare programs, which research shows can significantly improve educational outcomes.

“The high cost of child care has parents doing math all the time and asking questions like, ‘Can we afford to send our child to a center?’” Guilfoyle said. “‘Can we piece together more affordable care with friends, family, and neighbors? Does one of us have to take a different work shift to reduce our need for care? Does it make sense to work at all?’”

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