Prepared for
Governor Jennifer M. Grahnolm

Submitted by
Mikenetics Consulting LLC
Public Sector Consultants

On behalf of 
Michigan Great Lakes Wind Council


This report was prepared by Public Sector Consultants Inc. and Mikinetics Consulting LLC at the direction of the Michigan Great Lakes Wind Council. Funding was provided by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.


The Michigan Great Lakes Wind Council, created by Executive Order No. 2009 – 1, serves as an ad hoc advisory body within the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth to examine issues and make recommendations related to offshore wind development in Michigan. The 25‐​member council consists of key state agency representatives and stakeholders appointed by Governor Jennifer M. Granholm. The primary tasks of the council are to recommend criteria to review applications for offshore wind development, as well as criteria to identify and map the least and most favorable areas for such development in the lakes. In accordance with the council’s charge set forth in the executive order, this final report includes suggested changes to legislation and administrative rules and policies to establish a clear and balanced process for siting offshore wind projects in Michigan’s Great Lakes. This report also includes lessons learned from other jurisdictions with experience related to offshore wind development.

For more information about the Michigan Great Lakes Wind Council, visit the council’s website at www​.michiganglowcouncil​.org.

A copy of the full report is available below.