The narratives are posted at and will be shared here on Facebook. This narrative recognizes Julie Metty Bennett.

Julie Metty Bennett—a well-known advocate for protecting and preserving Michigan’s natural resources—has contributed in numerous ways to increasing awareness about reducing energy use and finding viable energy alternatives. As an owner of Public Sector Consultants (PSC), she manages the firm’s environment and energy division, which provides research, planning, facilitation, and strategic counsel to its clients on a range of issues, including energy policy, Great Lakes policy, watershed management, land use, fisheries and wildlife, and community placemaking.

During her tenure at PSC, Ms. Bennett cofounded, and continues to help manage, Michigan Saves, a multimillion-dollar nonprofit that provides financing solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements. In addition, she conducts groundbreaking research on a range of energy-related topics. Most recently, Ms. Bennett co-authored a report called Electric Reliability in Michigan: The Challenge Ahead, which describes the many significant challenges related to ensuring an adequate supply of electricity for the state’s residents and businesses, as well as the potential that efforts to increase energy efficiency, strategically reduce energy demand, and expand renewable sources have for bridging the imminent supply gap.

Prior to joining PSC in 2000, Ms. Bennett worked on energy and Great Lakes protection issues for the Michigan United Conservation Clubs and the National Wildlife Federation. She holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Science, with a concentration in Environmental Policy and a second major in Political Science, as well as an MS in Resource Development, with specialization in Environmental Toxicology, both from Michigan State University.

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