The Michigan College Access Network (MCAN) partnered with PSC to develop a four‐​year strategic plan informed by research, stakeholder engagement, and facilitation of MCAN’s staff and board members. PSC began by engaging all MCAN staff and board members in a conversation about their vision for the organization, opportunities, and barriers. Staff and board members also reflected on the organization’s most meaningful accomplishments to date. To add an outside perspective, PSC interviewed state and national experts in college access and aggregated this baseline information into an interim report, processing the details with senior MCAN staff, who served as a strategic planning steering committee.

PSC worked with the steering committee extensively to understand the mission, MCAN’s priorities, and the group’s expectations for the planning process, deliverables, and outcomes. These planning sessions helped to identify the key questions for the board to consider during two strategic planning workshops.

PSC staff guided the two workshops by creating an agenda, setting ground rules for discussion, describing what the strategic plan deliverable would include, and facilitating a robust conversation on the topics that most required input. PSC then worked with MCAN to draft a strategic plan that reflected who the organization is and what they wanted to become. The plan included MCAN’s existing mission and vision, new strategic priorities with opportunities to advance those goals, and budget and staffing needs. The final draft of the plan was reviewed by MCAN staff and was formatted professionally. MCAN is currently designing an implementation plan and will begin implementing their new strategic plan this fall.

A copy of the full plan is available below.