Researchers and policy experts in Michigan are criticizing an out‐​of‐​state organization’s report released last month claiming the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard has prevented 24,000 jobs from being created and caused $15 billion in lost income statewide in 2013.

Strata Policy, a Utah‐​based think tank based on the “principals of liberty and free markets,” has released four reports this year finding similar results from enacting renewable standards in Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina and Kansas.

All of the reports say such laws have prevented thousands of jobs from being created and cost households thousands and states billions in lost income. Critics say the reports are being used to justify policy changes against renewable standards in various states.

Strata Policy researchers are affiliated with Utah State University’s Institute of Political Economy, an academic research center that does the reports which are then “picked up and boiled down into consumable communications pieces” by Strata, according to Strata’s executive director, Ryan Yonk.

Academics in Michigan, where the most recent report was released in September, are calling the reports’ methodology bunk and suggest there is a hidden agenda behind Strata’s work.

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