Life at PSC

PSC is a special place full of curious, quirky, excited, and interesting people.

Who We Are

PSCers take great pride in the fact that we write well, think clearly, and can speak articulately (albeit sometimes a little too long) about all kinds of topics. We are scholars and athletes, number crunchers and poets, big thinkers and meticulous doers, fierce introverts and charismatic extroverts. While we all share an unwavering commitment to excellence, we also celebrate—and enjoy kidding each other about—our eccentricities. PSC is that rare place where you can be true to yourself and your passions while still working collectively toward an important and common goal—making a difference for our clients and the people we serve.

Public Sector Consultants’ principals Rachel and Dave Kuntzsch and Julie Metty Bennett all standing with arms crossed.
Public Sector Consultants’ staff preparing to run in a marathon.
Executive assistant Rachel Rochefort riding her bike to the office.

Where We Work

Perhaps nowhere is our love for Michigan more evident than in our common workspaces. The mural in our reception area features iconic images of Michigan scenes. We also sourced our furniture from Michigan companies, have renewable cork on our floors and wood on our ceilings, and photos of Michigan on our office doors.

We even have a conference room table that contains a stunning piece of wood recovered from a Great Lakes shipwreck. If we ever need a reminder of why we come to work, all we have to do is look out our windows to see the capital city, the heart of state government, the place where the most important policy decisions are made.

How We Interact

As you walk through our offices, you’ll find people working in different ways. Some of us will be at our desks, fully engrossed in the task at hand. A small group may be gathered in a colleague’s office strategizing about how to meet a client’s needs. A larger group will likely be in the conference room enthusiastically debating how to manage a complicated project or in the kitchen devouring a delectable birthday treat. And, on those occasions when we’re all together, there’s a good chance you’ll find us in the Big Room talking loudly, laughing frequently, and maybe even singing (especially if you’re new)! The atmosphere at PSC is one of relaxed and supportive collegiality.

Executive assistant Monica Torres in a discussion with a fellow colleague.
Senior vice president David Kuntzsch holding the leash of his service dog Cora.
The Public Sector Consultants’ team unwinding after a day of strategic planning.
PSC staff playing basketball at the March Madness event.
Peter Pratt, president of Public Sector Consultants, and senior consultants Amanda Menzies and Meredith Johnson sharing a laugh over a beer.

Celebrating Diversity

At PSC, we understand that we benefit from the sum of our individual differences, self-expression, and life experiences. Our clients also benefit from having access to different perspectives and a broad range of problem-solving approaches. We encourage openness and inclusivity, and invite any dedicated and hardworking person who commits to our mission, vision, and values to explore joining our team.

Staff from Public Sector Consultants having fun at a Detroit Tigers game.
The Public Sector Consultants’ team taking a group photo at Cooley Law School Stadium.

Job Postings

We are currently looking for fresh new faces to join our team! Review the descriptions below to learn more. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact humanresources@publicsectorconsultants.com.

Senior Consultant

Michigan Saves Director of Marketing and Communications

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