Our Work

Our work process is collaborative, informed, and inclusive. Our services are innovative, powerful, and useful.

For virtually every important public policy issue—but especially in education, energy and the environment, health, and community and economic development—we are Michigan’s go-to public policy firm.

We work closely with our clients to help them achieve innovative solutions to the problems they face. Sometimes clients look to us to conduct impartial research on tough topics. Sometimes they need us to implement and manage new programs. Sometimes they seek our facilitation skills on hot-button issues. Other times they want us to evaluate their programs and help make improvements. Whether our clients need one, some, or all of these services, our goal is to assist them in obtaining the best possible results.



Collecting, analyzing, and interpreting information to help people better understand complex issues, make informed decisions, and develop effective strategies for making change.



Using research results and process know-how to guide projects and programs from conception to completion.



Engaging stakeholders from all walks of life in the process of identifying mutually agreed-upon solutions to difficult problems.



Using qualitative and quantitative methods to determine what is and is not working for organizations, programs, and initiatives.