By Stateside Staff of Michigan Radio

The Michigan legislature is considering retroactively extending the statute of limitations of sexual assault of minors. It’s part of a package of bills designed to make it easier for sexual assault victims to bring complaints forward.

This comes as a response to the Larry Nassar case. He’s the former doctor who sexually assaulted young athletes at Michigan State University and other places.

Michigan State University interim President John Engler says these bills would drive up tuition at the school. He also says the debate on these bills is making it harder for MSU to settle with victims of Larry Nassar.

Ken Sikkema, Senior Policy Fellow with Public Sector Consultants and the former Republican majority leader in state senate, and Buzz Thomas, a principal at Thomas Group Consulting and a former Democratic leader in both the House and the Senate, joined Stateside to discuss.

Listen to the full conversation below.

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