Some examples of the work we do along with our clients to inform decision making and positively influence public policy.

Trial Court Funding Commission Final Report

A Landscape Scan of Immigrant and Refugee-supporting Organizations in Southeast Michigan

Economic Impact of Trail Development

Insuring More for Michigan

The Economic Benefits of Nonprofits

Changes in Michigan’s Child Care Landscape

Making Child Care a Regional Priority

Evaluation of the Michigan Energy Assistance Program: Successes and Options for Improvement

Michigan Roundup 1998

Michigan PeriSCope 1998

Health Policy Bulletin 1998

Tax-Free Renaissance Zones: A Preview of the Results

New Ways to Govern Local Schools

What’s Wrong with the Single Business Tax?

Overview and Analysis of the Michigan Budget, Fiscal Year 1997–98

Proposal A: An Early Evaluation

Michigan’s School Bond Loan Fund: A Program in Need of Repair

The Gaming Boom in Michigan

Michigan Braces for Term Limits

Public Attitudes About Schools

The Governor’s Budget, FY 1997–98

Shaping the Market: Health Policy in Michigan

Special Education: An Interview with Dr. Robert Docking

Michigan Roundup 1997

A Cautious Approach to Social Security Reform

Michigan PeriSCope 1997

Health Policy Bulletin 1997

Overview and Analysis of the Michigan Budget, Fiscal Year 1996–97

Consolidating School Districts: Is There Strength in Numbers or Is Bigger Not Always Better?

“Change for the Community” A New Approach to Giving

Election Watch 1996

The Governor’s Budget, FY 1996–97

K–12 Student Migration: A Discussion of Statewide Open Enrollment

Michigan PeriSCope 1996

Our Land, Our Future

Michigan Economic Bulletin 1996

Health Policy Bulletin 1996

Michigan Roundup 1996

Sharon Rothwell: A Profile

Federal Income Tax Reform

Russian Roulette at the Polls

State Legislators Plan Ambitious Fall Session

Motor Fuel Taxes: Michigan is in the Slow Lane

Overview and Analysis of the Michigan Budget, Fiscal Year 1995–96

Interview with Dr. Robert Docking: Market-Driven Education

Will New Polluter Pay Law Help Michigan’s Older Urban Areas?

Michigan PeriSCope 1995

Mr. Common Sense: MSU’s M. Peter McPherson

The Context of the Political Devolution Revolution

Block Groups: New Federalism Revisited

Michigan Economic Growth Authority: Ill-Advised Industrial Policy

A Conversation with Secretary of State Candice Miller

Rethinking the School Code

Overview and Analysis of the Governor’s Recommended Budget, Fiscal Year 1995–96

Tax Cut Fever Revisited

K–12 Education Reform: What to Expect in 1995

Unfinished Business: Renewing the Dialogue on Race

What Price Federal Tax Cuts?

The New Policy Agenda

Health Policy Bulletin 1995

Michigan Roundup 1995

Health Care: What’s Next?

FY 1991–92 State-Local Expenditures and Revenue: State Comparisons

New Approaches to Managing Energy Production and Consumption

Motor Vehicles and Michigan: How Bumpy Is the Road Ahead?

Job Growth in Michigan

The Engler Record on Taxes

New Book Looks at Corporate America’s Effect on Our Communities and the Environment

Selling the Superhighway: Information May Have a Price Beyond the Cost of Hardware

Overview and Analysis of the Michigan Budget, Fiscal Year 1994-95

The Trials and Tribulations of the Employer Mandate

The Suburbanization of Politics

Tax Cut Fever

The 1993–93 Michigan Education Poll: Focus on Reform

Distance Learning: A Primer

State Government Can Help Voters Decide Ballot Measures

A 1995 Constitutional Convention

A Closer Look at Four Health Care Reform Plans

Michigan Roundup 1994

School Finance Reform: Summary

School Finance Reform: Effects on Property Taxes

School Finance Reform: Comparing Proposed Income and Sales Taxes

Why We Will Have Comprehensive National Health Care Reform

School Finance Reform: Which Districts Will Benefit Most?

Overview and Analysis of the Governor’s Recommended Budget, Fiscal Year 1994–95

School Finance Reform: Budget and Fiscal Effects

School Finance Reform: Charter Schools

School Finance Reform: Taxes on Tobacco

Michigan Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan

An Assessment of Failing Septic Systems in the Saginaw Bay Region

Michigan College Access Network: Four-Year Strategic Plan

City of East Lansing Budget Priorities Findings

Financial Navigation for People Undergoing Cancer Treatment

A Roadmap for Michigan’s Energy Markets and Planning Program

Michigan Children’s Health Access Program

2017 Environmental Programs Budget Analysis

Benefits of Michigan Apprenticeship Programs

The Best Education System for Michigan’s Success

A New Approach to Fund Watershed Management: An Evaluation of Funding Mechanisms

Flat River Watershed Management Plan: Natural River Zoning Review

Saving Our Cities: Can the New Federal Initiatives Succeed?

Decision Making and Public Support

School Finance Reform: Effects on Taxpayers

Updated Electric Industry Deregulation: Ohio Case Study

Building a Better Child Care System

Impact of Increasing Education and Employment Rates in West Michigan

Michigan’s Oil and Natural Gas Industry: Economic Contribution

Engaging Detroit: URC’s Contributions to Resurgence in the Motor City

Michigan’s Water Infrastructure Investment Needs

Creating 21st Century Communities: Making the economic case for place

Early Childhood Inventory Program

Roadmap for Implementing Michigan’s New Energy Policy: Baseline Research Report

Roadmap for Implementing Michigan’s New Energy Policy: Paths to the Future Report

Michigan Natural Resources Business Plan: Leveraging Our Assets to Make Michigan a Top Ten State

Michigan Clean Energy Reports

Building a Brighter Future: Recommendations for How to Improve Michigan’s Education System

Region 9 Prosperity Initiative Five-year Prosperity Strategy

Electric Reliability in Michigan: The Challenge Ahead

Policy Options to Support Children from Birth to Age Three

Implementing the Upper Maple River Watershed Plan: Approaches to Decrease Environmental and Public Health Risks from Failing Well and Septic Systems

Economic Benefits of Michigan’s Nonprofit Sector

Analysis of Electric Deregulation Policies in Four States

Improving Recycling Performance in Michigan: Best Practices, Options and Potential Costs

Greater Bear Watershed Management Plan

Moving Michigan Farther, Faster: Personalized Learning and the Transformation of Learning in Michigan

A Health Impact Assessment of Non-Motorized Transportation Improvements in East Lansing

Michigan Street Corridor Plan: A Health Impact Assessment

Economic Benefits of Michigan’s Nonprofit Sector

Michigan Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan: 2013–2018

Mediation and Other Alternative Dispute Resolution Techniques in Michigan State Agencies

Final Report of the Michigan State Park and Recreation Blue Ribbon Panel

Proposal 3: Key Questions and Answers

Saginaw River/Bay Area of Concern: Restoration Plan for the Habitat and Populations BUIs

Michigan’s Current Energy Plan: Research-based, Comprehensive, Flexible, Certain, Accountable, Reliable and Affordable

Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System: Major Changes in Recent Years and More Changes to Come

Individual States Moving Rapidly toward Internet Sales Tax Collection—An Addendum to Michigan Sales Tax Collection and the Internet: A Need for Fairness

Status Assessment of the Eutrophication or Undesirable Algae Beneficial Use Impairment in the Saginaw River/Bay Area of Concern

Saginaw Bay Watershed and Area of Concern

Governor Rick Snyder’s Fiscal Year 2012–13 State Budget Recommendation: Relative Calm Following Controversial First Budget

Michigan’s Urban and Metropolitan Strategy

The New Michigan State Budget Debate: What to Do about the Budget Surplus?

The New Landscape of Civic Business: How Business Leadership Is Influencing Civic Progress in Our Metropolitan Regions Today

Michigan Sales Tax Collection and the Internet: A Need for Fairness

The Impact of Reducing PIP Coverage in Michigan

An Assessment and Status Report of Beach Closings in the Saginaw River/Bay Area of Concern

Detroit Public Schools: Options for the Future

Michigan’s Liquor Distribution System—A Need for Change

Governor Rick Snyder’s Fiscal Year 2011–12 State Budget Recommendation

Saginaw River/Bay Area of Concern: Habitat Restoration Plan Update and Target Review

PSC & Health Reform

A United Voice for Oral Health

The Role of Consolidation of School-Based Services in Michigan’s Fiscal Crisis

Final Report of the Michigan Wind Energy Resource Zone Board

Final Report of the Michigan Great Lakes Wind Council

Expanding Recycling in Michigan: An Update

Michigan Saves

Economic Benefits of Michigan’s Nonprofit Sector

Ingham Community Voices Final Evaluation Report

First Class Schools Analysis

Opportunities for Achieving Efficiency in the Aging, Community Mental Health, Local Public Health, and Substance Abuse Coordinating Agency Networks

Saginaw River/Bay Area of Concern: Habitat Restoration Plan

Portage Lake Watershed Forever Plan

Smoke-Free Workplaces: The Impact of House Bill 4163 on the Restaurant and Bar Industry in Michigan

Protecting and Restoring the Upper Looking Glass River: A Watershed Management Plan

Market Structures and the 21st Century Energy Plan

Preliminary Assessment of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources’ Field Operations: Improving Service Delivery

Examining Increased Renewable Energy Production from Landfill Gas in Michigan

The Growing Crisis of Aging Dams: Policy Considerations and Recommendations for Michigan Policy Makers

Michigan’s Defining Moment Report of the Emergency Financial Advisory Panel

Financing Community Health Workers: Why & How Policy Brief

Michigan’s Part 201 Environmental Remediation Program Review

Hastings Area: Interlocal Approaches to Growth Management

Electricity Restructuring in Michigan: The Effects to Date of Public Act 141 and Potential Future Challenges

Painted Rumble Strips on Michigan Freeways Driver and Community Perceptions-Survey Results and Analysis

Expanding Recycling in Michigan

2006 Michigan Education Poll New Standards for a Global Economy

Enhancing Fish Passage over Low-head Barrier Dams in the Saginaw River Watershed

Situational Analysis for the Blackman Township Downtown Development Authority

Report of the Urban Center Revitalization Task Force

Great Lakes Legislative Caucus Policy Forum—March 18, 2005 Summary Report

Ingham County MIConnections Environmental Scan Final Report

Survey of Nursing Education Programs: 2002–2003 School Year

Economic Benefits of Michigan’s Nonprofit Sector

Final Report of the Lt. Governor’s Commission on Higher Education and Economic Growth

Michigan Mental Health Commission Final Report

Closing the Quality Gap in Michigan: A Prescription for Mental Health Care

Information Technology in Michigan: Findings from the cyber-state.org 2004 Surveys

2004 Michigan Education Poll New Acronyms, Same Attitudes?

Using Mass Media to Inform Anglers about Aquatic Nuisance Species: A final report to the Michigan Sea Grant College Program

Michigan’s Land, Michigan’s Future final report of the Michigan Land Use Leadership Council

Eaton County Early Childhood Connections: Year Two Evaluation Report

Analysis of Initiatives and Best Practices for Regional Green Infrastructure Visioning and Policy Setting

Michigan in Brief: An Issues Handbook 2002–2003

Information Technology in Michigan: Home and Business Use

University Investment Commission

Service Learning in Michigan Survey Results and Analysis

All Children Connected to Succeed: Ingham Intermediate School District Year One Evaluation Report

Michigan in Brief An Issues Handbook 1998–1999