Reports Entries from 1981-1995

Michigan PeriSCope 1996

Sharon Rothwell: A Profile

Federal Income Tax Reform

Russian Roulette at the Polls

State Legislators Plan Ambitious Fall Session

Motor Fuel Taxes: Michigan is in the Slow Lane

Overview and Analysis of the Michigan Budget, Fiscal Year 1995–96

Interview with Dr. Robert Docking: Market-Driven Education

Will New Polluter Pay Law Help Michigan’s Older Urban Areas?

Michigan PeriSCope 1995

Mr. Common Sense: MSU’s M. Peter McPherson

The Context of the Political Devolution Revolution

Block Groups: New Federalism Revisited

Michigan Economic Growth Authority: Ill-Advised Industrial Policy

A Conversation with Secretary of State Candice Miller

Rethinking the School Code

Overview and Analysis of the Governor’s Recommended Budget, Fiscal Year 1995–96

Tax Cut Fever Revisited

K–12 Education Reform: What to Expect in 1995

Unfinished Business: Renewing the Dialogue on Race

What Price Federal Tax Cuts?

The New Policy Agenda

Health Policy Bulletin 1995

Michigan Roundup 1995

Health Care: What’s Next?

FY 1991–92 State-Local Expenditures and Revenue: State Comparisons

New Approaches to Managing Energy Production and Consumption

Motor Vehicles and Michigan: How Bumpy Is the Road Ahead?

Job Growth in Michigan

The Engler Record on Taxes

New Book Looks at Corporate America’s Effect on Our Communities and the Environment

Selling the Superhighway: Information May Have a Price Beyond the Cost of Hardware

Overview and Analysis of the Michigan Budget, Fiscal Year 1994-95

The Trials and Tribulations of the Employer Mandate

The Suburbanization of Politics

Tax Cut Fever

The 1993–93 Michigan Education Poll: Focus on Reform

Distance Learning: A Primer

State Government Can Help Voters Decide Ballot Measures

A 1995 Constitutional Convention

A Closer Look at Four Health Care Reform Plans

Michigan Roundup 1994

School Finance Reform: Summary

School Finance Reform: Effects on Property Taxes

School Finance Reform: Comparing Proposed Income and Sales Taxes

Why We Will Have Comprehensive National Health Care Reform

School Finance Reform: Which Districts Will Benefit Most?

Overview and Analysis of the Governor’s Recommended Budget, Fiscal Year 1994–95

School Finance Reform: Budget and Fiscal Effects

School Finance Reform: Charter Schools

School Finance Reform: Taxes on Tobacco

School Finance Reform: Effects on Taxpayers

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