Alec first suspected he was a policy geek when he was the only one of his peers exploring Michigan’s energy profile on the United States Energy Information Administration’s website—for fun. As a lifelong Michigander, Alec has always valued the connection between people and the environment, recognizing the importance of the state’s natural resources and finding ways to fiercely protect them. Now, he fuels this passion by seeking policy solutions to some of the most complex environmental issues.

As a research associate for PSC’s energy and environment team, Alec channels his search for informed solutions to ensure that accurate, effective policy information gets into the right hands. His work consists of conducting research for the firm and its clients, supporting stakeholder meeting facilitation, and assisting in the development of proposals and reports. Whether it be government agriculture data, a report on the future of renewable energy, or a multistate industry collaboration, rest assured Alec will be there to study, analyze, and report the information clearly and effectively.

Prior to joining PSC, Alec was an organizer for the Michigan League of Conservation Voters as well as a student researcher at Central Michigan University’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.


A Little More…

Education: BS in Biochemistry from Central Michigan University

With PSC since: January 2019

PSC superpower: Human library of all the small details

Favorite part of working at PSC: Helping clients transform information and data into actionable, effective policy

Why Michigan? A wardrobe full of clothes that are too warm to live down south and too cold to live any farther north