As a self‐​proclaimed New York Times crossword aficionado, Alycia spends most mornings decoding tricky clues and translating them to concrete answers. She approaches each puzzle as an art and science, meticulously noting every clue’s verb tense while admiring the simplicity of the black‐​and‐​white grid, before using her pen to fill in the square. It’s in this intersection between art and science, logic and creativity, left brain and right, where Alycia is happiest.

As a senior editor at PSC, Alycia brings this approach to the editing team, helping train in‐​house and external editing staff to improve their editing skills. She also reviews many of the firm’s written materials, ensuring clarity, concision, and accuracy — all while championing PSC’s brand voice and maintaining its integrity. Alycia also helps write documents, including workshop resources, marketing copy, training materials, and project deliverables.

Before joining PSC, Alycia worked for the University of Southern California’s Graduate School of Social Work as a learning support coach, and as the Writing Across the Curriculum coordinator at Central Michigan University Writing Center. In both positions, Alycia worked with university faculty and staff, as well as with more than 3,000 students on academic, personal, and professional writing.


A Little More…

Education: BA in English from Alma College and an MA in English Language and Literature from Central Michigan University

With PSC since: April 2017

PSC superpower: Anticipating the production team’s LaCroix orders

Favorite part of working at PSC: Where else can one talk about hard‐​hitting issues that affect Michiganders and then discuss the merit of the New York Times crossword in the same conversation?

Why Michigan? A heaping portion of Midwestern hospitality served with a side of ranch dressing