Ann considers herself an explorer in all aspects of life, whether out on the trail or at home. She finds new adventures every day through books and reading, always connecting seemingly disparate or opposed concepts. While exploring these new theories and models, she blends ideas to see what works, looking for new paths to take to reach solutions that could help improve the world around her.

At PSC, Ann’s inner explorer finds its feet on the energy and environment team. As a senior consultant, she cultivates new project opportunities and clients that contribute to strong, sustainable communities. In the day to day, Ann laser-focuses on climate change, sustainability, and community resilience, offering her expertise in planning, engagement, strategy development, mitigation, assessment, and capacity building to create effective outcomes for her clients and partners. Her history of connecting, convening, and curating a multitude of initiatives, programs, and policies has created positive change across the state.

Before joining PSC, Ann held a multidisciplinary career leading organizational change and accelerating initiatives in social justice, sustainability, and community resilience. She served as chief sustainability officer with Michigan State University, focusing on core business integration of sustainability into policy. She also acted in a number of capacities for organizations like the West Michigan Environmental Action Council, Michigan Diversity Education Center, and Association of Climate Change Officers.

Email: [email protected]

A Little More…

Education: BS in Sustainable Business and Environmental Science and an MM in Organizational Development, both from Aquinas College; advanced study certificate in Design and Innovation Management from Ferris State University; and a certificate in Executive Leadership in Sustainability at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

With PSC since: March 2021

PSC superpower: Sustainability and pop culture super nerd

Favorite part of working at PSC: PSC creates space to explore, get creative, and curate new ideas to connect clients and communities

Why Michigan? It’s home—where you can honor your roots, heart, and soul as a “Great Lakes Girl” through and through, inspired by the seasons, lands, and waters of this beautiful state