Ever since her first multiplication test in elementary school, Hannah has always loved playing with numbers. From learning long division to studying a multitude of accounting principles, numbers have always been her thing. Even in her personal life, her excitement for numbers drives her to craft intricate spreadsheets, invent budgets for outlandish scenarios, and calculate the average gas mileage her car gets every week. These frolics with figures have led her to become a meticulous and organized individual who delights in data and revels in reports.

As an accounting clerk at PSC, Hannah uses her passion for numbers to ensure accuracy in every accounting document that crosses her desk. She processes accounts payable, manages checks, and creates informative financial reports for content leaders. Hannah also compiles and organizes information for the firm, including contact details and project reports. She is the go-to person when the finance and operations team needs additional support.

Prior to joining PSC, Hannah worked on an audit team for the Michigan Office of the Auditor General, where she participated in various types of audits and conducted research related to new accounting principles. She also worked as an assistant teacher at Heart of the Shepherd Child Development Center.

Email: hmills@publicsectorconsultants.com

A Little More…

Education: BBA in Accounting from Grand Valley State University

With PSC since: October 2019

PSC superpower: Mathemagician

Favorite part of working at PSC: Having a hand in all things accounting!

Why Michigan? Opportunity to enjoy all four seasons—sometimes in the same week!