James has always thought of himself as a helper, and every role he plays — from supporting character in his favorite video game to executive assistant at PSC — lets him enjoy the rush of experiencing a team win. Over the years, he honed his support and communication skills to a razor’s edge and joined in on any project he could, applying his optimism, technical prowess, and enthusiasm to help his team to the finish line effectively and efficiently. Now, at PSC, he gets to see the effect his input has not only with his colleagues, but all across Michigan.

At PSC, James is an executive assistant for the finance and operations team. Every day, he keeps the flow of business running smoothly by assisting in scheduling meetings, managing calendars, and helping out with day‐​to‐​day operations. He also supports onboarding tasks and solves technology issues, making sure that computer systems are ready to meet the needs of other PSCers.

James comes to PSC from a history of management and other support roles. Most recently, he spent his time as a student support administrator for Insight School of Michigan, an online high school, motivating students toward graduation.

Email: [email protected]

A Little More…

Education: BS in Psychology from Michigan State University and an MBA in Human Resources from Central Michigan University

With PSC since: August 2019

PSC superpower: Positively energizing everyone within in a five‐​foot radius

Favorite part of working at PSC: There is always something new to learn about

Why Michigan? The unpredictable weather that keeps things interesting