Jill is one of those people who is always trying to make things better. Even after a project is finished, she continues thinking about how she could have better prepared for seamless deployment or what could be improved for next time. While that constant assessing and thinking hasn’t been that useful in her quest for total inner peace, it has fueled plenty of measurable process, program, and policy improvements.

While leading the firm’s evaluation team, Jill ensures that policy and program objectives are clearly articulated, and systems are in place to measure progress toward those objectives. In her work, Jill identifies metrics, collects data to inform those metrics, and reports regularly as work evolves. Clients look to Jill for her expertise in program design, implementation, and evaluation.

Jill perfected the skills she brought to PSC during her 25 years in the energy industry. Prior to joining the firm, she was a principal with Cadmus Group (a technical and strategic consulting firm), worked in utility management, and plied her trade with the Michigan Public Service Commission.

Email: jsteiner@publicsectorconsultants.com

A Little More…

Education: BA in Economics from Michigan State University and currently pursuing an MS in Applied Economics from Johns Hopkins University

With PSC since: September 2016

PSC superpower: Finding the silver lining in any situation

Favorite part of working at PSC: The shared commitment to making Michigan better

Why Michigan? Family, friends, and foliage