As an extremely detail‐​oriented person, it’s no surprise that Joy is an avid baker. She loves the feeling of an exact science, like that of a statistical formula or equation. The kitchen is her happy place, where she can whip up desserts from scratch, painstakingly decorate three‐​tiered cakes, or bake the most crowd‐​pleasing chocolate chip cookies. She takes comfort in meticulously following a recipe, knowing that successful execution of each step will yield satisfactory results every time. This is the same mindset that drives her work ethic in formulating precise and accurate data for Michigan Saves.

Joy’s love for accuracy and adapting to precise, streamlined processes shines through in her role as a consultant at PSC. On the energy and environment team, Joy serves as a program coordinator for Michigan Saves — a multimillion‐​dollar nonprofit organization that assists residents all over the state in securing financing solutions for energy updates to their home or business. Some of her main duties include monthly record‐​keeping for lender financing reports, tracking increased project activity for installed energy efficiency measures on consumer homes, and reconciling budget funds for multiple energy programs throughout the year. She is also responsible for calculating statewide energy savings and assisting with program management by building sustainable relationships with the many contractors and community partners who participate in Michigan Saves programs.

Prior to joining PSC, Joy served extensively as a legislative aide to the Michigan Legislature, working to provide community development outreach, policy research, and constituent relations services for state residents.

Email: [email protected]

A Little More…

Education: BS from Central Michigan University in Political Science with a Public Administration concentration, and an MPA from the University of Central Florida School of Public Administration

With PSC since: January 2021

PSC superpower: Creative problem solving with an exacting eye for efficiency

Favorite part of working at PSC: The welcoming workplace culture and the amazing staff of intelligent and friendly people

Why Michigan? This state holds a loving and irreplaceable support system that is greatly appreciated and four real seasons that yield a bounty of produce and natural resources only found in the Great Lakes State