Kait loves diving head first into data and unruly situations, and PSC affords her an almost unlimited supply of both. Need to make sense of a lot of information? Establish order where things are unkempt? Kait’s your girl. She has a knack for preparation and detail that arguably borders on obsessive, but it serves the firm’s clients well. Whether it’s collecting and analyzing numbers or planning and executing logistics for high-profile events, Kait is more than happy to assist.

Kait serves as a senior consultant for Michigan Saves, a multimillion-dollar nonprofit organization managed by PSC, which develops financing solutions for energy-efficiency and renewable energy improvements. In her role, she regularly communicates with stakeholders to ensure achievement of program activities. Taking note of the principles of energy efficiency, Kait continuously looks for practical ways to improve offerings by making effective use of resources.

With more than a decade of experience coordinating patient care in the healthcare industry, Kait brings to PSC a passion for people and quality service that is unsacrificed even in the most stressful situations.

Email: kwyckoff@publicsectorconsultants.com

A Little More…

Education: Associate’s degree in Business Management from Lansing Community College

With PSC since: August 2014

PSC superpower: Uncanny foresight

Favorite part of working at PSC: Being at the forefront of innovative thinking

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