When it’s time to communicate with visuals, Todd is ready with his arsenal of design tools. Whether it’s a three-dimensional pie chart, a carefully selected photograph, or an interactive timeline, he knows what design elements should be used where to help tell a client’s story.

A seasoned marketer, Todd also understands and appreciates the importance of starting projects with a clear plan. Sometimes all a client needs is a straight-forward, unadorned report that lets the text take center stage. Other times the content demands a more sophisticated treatment—replete with tables, charts, and graphs—to enhance the message and make it more powerful. Todd believes it’s his job to know the difference and to use his clever mind and creative eye to guide the planning and implementation process.

With more than 25 years of experience, Todd has held numerous marketing, communications, and graphic design roles. Most recently, he served as creative designer for Kuntzsch Solutions. Before that, he owned his own design business and also worked for ten years at Spartan Motors Inc.

Email: tluter@publicsectorconsultants.com

A Little More…

Education: Associate’s degrees in Advertising and Graphic Design from Lansing Community College

With PSC since: October 2016

PSC superpower: Using humor to lighten any situation

Favorite part of working at PSC: Working together to make a great state even better

Why Michigan? Its beauty, diversity, and unique culture and people