By Shanna Grove of WZZM 13

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Michigan is one week away from the Aug. 7 primary election. The weather is warm, people are busy traveling and the last thing on many people’s mind is voting. Voter turnout for the August primary reflects people’s lack of motivation to get to the polls this time of year. But voters might have more of a say than they think.

The $350,000 study, commissioned by a group of 25 foundations and organizations known collectively as Liftoff, listed the Niagara QIP as one of six exemplary programs that are doing the most to serve the region’s youngest residents and their families.

A big issue with primary elections in August is the fact that it’s August, according to political expert Jeff Williams, CEO at Public Sector Consultants.

“It’s summertime. Some of the last things people want to do is be thinking of elections,” Williams said. “As a general statement, about one in five registered voters go to the polls. So about 20 percent of the voting age population shows up in August.”

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