Redistricting made national headlines this past June when the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Arizona’s independent redistricting commission — a bipartisan alternative to having the state legislature draw voting lines. In Arizona State Legislature v. Arizona Independent Redistricting, the Republican‐​led legislature claimed the commission was unconstitutional. The Supreme Court ruled 5 – 4 in favor of the commission, meaning Arizona will continue its current redistricting practices.

Currently, 21 states have some form of nonpartisan or bipartisan commission, and 13 of those states use independent redistricting commissions exclusively. But for the rest of the country — including Michigan — the state legislature is in charge of redistricting. Unfortunately, this often leads to gerrymandering, where the political party in control redraws voting lines in its own favor.

The Arizona ruling inspired the latest Michigan’s Pulse quarterly poll, a collaboration between Michigan Radio and Public Sector Consultants (PSC) to better understand Michiganders’ opinions on policy issues. The surveys are conducted by Denno Research.

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