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Families struggle to keep up as schools remain closed


A Landscape Scan of Immigrant and Refugee-supporting Organizations in Southeast Michigan


Michigan poll: Coronavirus break hurts kids, but don’t order more school (Bridge Magazine)

By Ron French of Bridge Magazine Nearly two-thirds of Michigan parents say they’re concerned about the negative impact school shutdowns are having on learning during the coronavirus crisis, according to [...]

Trump urges schools to reopen during coronavirus. Michigan parents say no. (Bridge Magazine)

By Ron French of Bridge Magazine President Donald Trump may want schools to reopen this school year, but Michigan families disagree. Parents of K-12 students in Michigan overwhelmingly support Gov. Gretchen [...]

First round of stimulus checks could hit checking accounts next week (The Morning Sun)

By Eric Baerren of the Morning Sun If the federal government has the information to route money to your bank account electronically, you might be in line for the first [...]