It’s been a busy year for Public Sector Consultants working alongside partners, clients and colleagues to create practical strategies for people in Michigan and beyond.

We have created tailored, adaptable solutions for public policy in Michigan and advanced issues like environmental sustainability, childcare solutions for working families, and harm reduction services that have resulted in inclusive and actionable outcomes for everyday people. PSC’s collaborative efforts come to life when we work together to transform our research, evaluations, strategic plans and recommendations into solutions for all.

Growing Michigan Together

We staffed our tenth governor’s council this year. The Growing Michigan Together Council was established by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in June 2023 to address the state’s population stagnation and the negative impact this has on Michigan’s future prosperity and well-being. Over the course of six months, PSC organized 60 workgroup members and 27 council members, managed extensive research and crunched data for days to produce a final report that outlines three strategies to help grow Michigan’s population:

  • Establish Michigan as the Innovation Hub of the Midwest and America’s Scale-up State
  • Build a lifelong learning system focused on future-ready skills and competencies
  • Create thriving, resilient communities that are magnets for young talent

The recommendations were approved 19-1 by the council in December and presented to the governor, the Michigan House of Representatives and the Michigan Senate.

As if that wasn’t enough to keep us busy, PSC was abuzz partnering with people and organizations all year long whose aim was to make lasting change for the greatest good in our communities. Look at some of the other things we accomplished this year.


council members


workgroup members


pages in the final report


recommendations for Michigan's future growth

Solving public policy problems


clients served


projects created


green banks supported in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Washington.

Michigan Spark Grants

We worked with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to develop a groundbreaking grant program to help local communities create, renovate and redevelop public recreation opportunities for residents and visitors — especially those communities whose economies and health were adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Following the launch of that program, we engaged with the Council of Michigan Foundations to build a deeper partnership for public/private grantmaking to equitably guide funding to communities that were hardest hit by the pandemic. Now known as the CMF/DNR Spark Grant partnership, nearly $3 million in technical assistance, support from CMF member community foundations and $25 million in direct grant funding will be provided to nearly 40 of Michigan’s historically under-resourced communities to develop and implement local public recreation projects. This partnership is focused on overcoming barriers to grant participation, providing equity-focused technical assistance and ensuring the long-term success and maintenance of quality outdoor recreation opportunities.

Tailored, Adaptable Solutions


pages of content created

Michigan Overdose Prevention Coalition

Harm reduction tools such as expanded access to naloxone and the legal authorization and operation of syringe service programs (SSPs) are life savers. We have used our experience in facilitation, coalition management, research and communications to staff MOPC since 2021. This year, as part of ongoing work to address opioid overdose deaths and the risk of HIV and hepatitis C outbreaks in Michigan, we partnered with the Michigan Association of Counties to continue to support the coalition. Our staffing support and organizational leadership help the group focus on its advocacy efforts and ensure that the harm reduction community’s voice is heard regarding the distribution of opioid settlement funding in Michigan.

Fostering a strong and reliable network of people and information

Project spotlight

The future of hydroelectric in Michigan

We researched economic contributions of 13 river hydroelectric plants owned by Consumers Energy and facilitated conversations between the utility and ratepayers to help them plan for a future of reliable, affordable clean energy. This work included:


community meetings


miles driven


Michiganders engaged


economic contribution studies

MI Tri-Share Child Care Program

Accessing affordable and high-quality child care is a challenge for most working families in Michigan. An innovative pilot program in three Michigan counties aimed to alleviate these challenges by splitting the cost of care three ways between families, employers and the state. We partnered with the Michigan Women’s Commission to evaluate the processes and outcomes associated with the original three pilot programs and completed an initial review of nine more hubs that started since the original launch. Our work highlighted the impact of this program for eligible families and raised opportunities for the program to grow while revealing potential challenges that need to be addressed for ultimate success.

PSC around the community


organizations and events supported to advance public policy efforts and give back to our community

Building Michigan Tech Hubs

Michigan’s evolving tech hubs can cement the state as an industry leader, unlocking economic potential and creating good-paying jobs for people all over the state. We worked with the Michigan State University Research Foundation to secure one of 29 highly competitive strategy development grants from the federal government. Our team leaned on their extensive expertise in project planning, stakeholder facilitation, data analysis and grant proposal development to craft a compelling narrative about the Lansing region’s potential to attract top talent in the tech hub space.

Looking ahead

Together, we navigated through the complexities of the public policy landscape, faced challenges head-on and achieved significant milestones that will improve the lives and livelihoods of our friends and neighbors for years to come. Your commitment to our shared goals and dedication to the causes you care about have been instrumental in our collective achievements this year. Thank you for always looking to PSC as a trusted source for public policy problem solving and thoughtful conversations. Your belief in us enables us all to come together to shape Michigan’s future for the greatest good.