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PRESS RELEASE: Amanda Menzies and Selma Tucker promoted to vice president

LANSING, Mich. – Public Sector Consultants (PSC) is pleased to announce that Amanda Menzies and Selma Tucker have earned a promotion to vice president. 

Amanda’s 16-year track record at PSC has been filled with accomplishments that improve the quality of life for Michigan residents. Working in the firm’s health practice, Amanda has led projects that provide tangible solutions to increase access and affordability and improve outcomes in the state’s healthcare system. 

Her responsibilities as vice president not only include managing large projects, as she did as a senior consultant, but also leading the strategic direction, personnel management and business development of the health practice.

As an executive at the company, Amanda has new responsibilities in mentoring staff, identifying and pursuing growth opportunities and ensuring exceptional service to clients across all practice areas.

“The firm is fortunate to have Amanda’s steady leadership. This is an opportunity for her to expand her reach in health policy and public service,” says president Peter Pratt. “Amanda’s work has benefited countless lives, especially those in vulnerable families, and her voice and influence will grow and become an even more powerful resource.” 

Selma Tucker has also been promoted to vice president. Selma started PSC’s marketing and communications practice from scratch after joining the firm in 2013. Responsible for helping PSC and its clients communicate about public policy subjects from energy to education, the firm’s marketing and communications services stand out as some of the most effective in the market because of the novel way they deal with nuance and complexity. 

“We brought Selma to PSC with an ambitious agenda to help a few large clients find success in marketing and communications where they had struggled in the past and to help the firm tighten its image,” says senior vice president Julie Metty Bennett. “Since then, he and his team have been a tour de force jumpstarting a new practice area in public policy communication, expanding service offerings and refreshing the firm’s brand from top to bottom.”

As vice president, Selma continues to lead the marketing and communications practice, but gained additional responsibilities in helping to achieve the firm’s vision, managing resources and protecting and enhancing the company’s reputation and culture. 

Recounting major steps in his 30-year career at PSC that has culminated as president and major shareholder, Pratt discusses how proud he is to see staff members grow. 

“PSC has a rich history of hiring very talented people and promoting them into roles where they can make a greater difference in the life of the firm and the state. Amanda and Selma represent that tradition — and I speak for all five shareholders and all of our colleagues when I say we are honored to welcome them in their new roles.”

Selma and Amanda’s appointments were effective as of July 1, 2017.

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