We are fortunate at PSC to have talented staff—and numerous clients with challenging public policy questions! For thirty years, both have helped make PSC a leading voice for high-quality, credible, and objective research.

On January 1, 2011, Bill will have sold his shares in PSC and will leave to become the Director of Strategy for Governor-elect Snyder’s administration. Our happiness for Bill is matched by our sense of sadness that he will no longer work alongside us every day. Bill has been a wise, measured voice of reason in an increasingly chaotic world where politics and policy intersect, a quality that will serve him well in his new post.

Moving into top leadership roles at the firm are two of our own “old hands.” When Bill steps down at the first of the new year, Peter Pratt—who has been with the firm for 24 years—will become President. Jeff Williams, with 19 years at PSC, will become CEO.

As with any transition, the firm’s new leaders will bring different perspectives and skills to the helm of the firm. What will not change, however, is the firm’s strong commitment to uphold the independence, rigor, and insight that have been hallmarks of our first 30 years.

On behalf of our 25 colleagues—located in Michigan and Minnesota—we look forward to continuing our work with you!


Bill, Peter, and Jeff