Background—Michigan’s Current Energy Plan and 25×25

The 25% by 2025 (25×25) ballot initiative, if approved by voters in November 2012, would amend the state’s constitution by requiring electricity providers to obtain by 2025 at least 25% of their electricity from renewable energy sources.

The 25×25 initiative represents a significant departure from the state’s current energy reform plan enacted into law in 2008 as Public Acts 286 and 295. The process that led to Michigan’s current plan—the in-depth research, system modeling, public vetting, implementation strategy, and thorough legislative review—resulted in a comprehensive set of interrelated reforms designed to spur investment in clean energy and other technologies, create jobs, maintain reliability, and provide affordable rates for consumers. In contrast to the 2008 plan, the 25×25 initiative has a singular focus on a subset of renewable energy technologies over energy efficiency and other forms of clean energy.

Information to date suggests that the 2008 plan is working. The plan, which is still being implemented, has the essential elements of a sound energy policy—that is, it is research-based, comprehensive, flexible, certain, accountable, reliable, and affordable.

A copy of the full report is available below.