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LANSING, Mich. — Gov. Rick Snyder has tapped longtime Public Sector Consultants (PSC) policy expert Craig Ruff as his special adviser on education and PSC’s Sally Talberg to the Michigan Public Service Commission.

Ruff, a former owner and CEO of PSC, is among the most highly regarded policy consultants in the state. Talberg worked on energy issues as a senior consultant and helped establish Michigan Saves, the state’s premier energy financing organization.

In addition, PSC’s Emily Houk will become CEO of the Women’s Caring Program, a nonprofit foundation that provides child care and preschool scholarships for disadvantaged Michigan children.

“We’re so proud of our staff because this continues a long tradition of PSC attracting and cultivating some of the best minds on the issues important to Michigan’s progress,” said CEO Jeff Williams. “That will always be a part of our culture.”

The departures pave the way for PSC’s newest staff: affiliate consultant, Chuck Hersey, who worked for 35 years at the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments. He managed environmental programs and led the Planning and Policy Group with an emphasis on infrastructure and transportation planning.

Also joining PSC are Evan Cusick, who did research and legislative analysis for the Michigan United Conservation Clubs, and Sarah Himes, who has worked extensively with nonprofit organizations, managing volunteers and complex federal grants. She also worked in the Executive Office of Michigan in the Strategic Policy Division.

The hiring of Hersey brings expertise on issues important to local governments and their regions. “Chuck comes to the energy and environment division as we’re working to bring common-sense environmental solutions to municipalities across the state,” said Mark Coscarelli, vice president.

Likewise, Cusick and Himes come on board at a crucial time, said Michelle Richard, senior consultant.  “With so much innovation and momentum in the field of education, Evan and Sarah will help PSC’s education division continue thoughtful policy analysis and strategic council around important issues such as Common Core Standards,” Richard said.

PSC Senior Vice President Julie Metty Bennett praised departing staffers. “Craig has left an indelible mark on the company and the state, and we know he will continue that good work in service to our state’s school children,” Metty Bennett said. “Likewise, Sally has been a tremendous asset for PSC and we know that her expertise will serve the state well.”

PSC is a longtime supporter of the Women’s Caring Program. “Emily’s new position there continues PSC’s legacy of attracting and fostering top-notch talent and watching it blossom in service to the larger community,” PSC President Peter Pratt said. “We couldn’t be prouder of Craig, Sally and Emily.”

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