Alex Crowley

Crowley will serve as the first executive director of the newly formed nonprofit that offers a range of financial products and services to help Hoosiers take control of their energy costs.

LANSING, Mich. — Public Sector Consultants is pleased to announce Alex Crowley as the first executive director for the newly formed Indiana Energy Independence Fund green bank.

“Alex has an impressive mix of public-sector sustainability experience and private-sector business operations and marketing expertise, all of which will be critical to the early success of IEIF,” said Julie Metty Bennett, PSC’s chief executive officer. “With Alex’s leadership, IEIF will help Hoosiers put their money and energy into things that matter to them instead of into their utility bills.”

IEIF’s mission is to promote accessible, equitable and just investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy to support healthy and thriving communities. Crowley — a 20-year Bloomington, Indiana, resident — will be instrumental in advancing that mission and building out IEIF’s work. He will coordinate with local and state governments and financial and operations partners across Indiana and the nation, adding IEIF to a growing list of 21 other green banks nationwide.

“I could not be more excited to be on the frontlines of building and implementing IEIF’s efforts to benefit Hoosiers at home and at work,” said Crowley. “I’m especially looking forward to working closely with PSC’s deep bench of green bank experts by leveraging the firm’s decades-long experience.”

IEIF, a nonprofit corporation, contracts with Public Sector Consultants to provide staffing and management services. PSC is a nonpartisan public policy research and consulting firm that’s been in business for almost 45 years and has an enduring legacy of standing up and staffing entities like IEIF in other states. The firm is the force behind the creation of the nation’s first-ever nonprofit green bank, located in Michigan.

IEIF was formed by a coalition including the McKinney Family Foundation, the Energy Foundation, the City of Indianapolis Office of Sustainability, Elevate Energy and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

“Through the McKinney Family Foundation’s leadership and support, IEIF can help residents and organizations across Indiana find cost-effective ways to improve energy efficiencies and grow the state’s clean energy workforce,” said Crowley.

Most recently, Crowley served as the director of economic and sustainable development for the City of Bloomington, where he led the work to develop and implement the community’s sustainability and climate action plans and workforce and economic development efforts, among other responsibilities. Prior to that, Crowley worked in leadership positions in the telecommunications industry and helped to launch and manage small businesses in and around Bloomington.



About Indiana Energy Independence Fund

Indiana Energy Independence Fund is a nonprofit committed to helping Hoosiers make responsible financial decisions that make their homes safer and more comfortable, buildings less wasteful and bank accounts grow by lowering energy bills. The IEIF’s vision is to build a community-focused initiative through partnerships with local lenders, contractors and municipalities that offer a range of financial products and services so Hoosiers can take control of their energy costs and move toward energy independence. We are dedicated to creating an institution that helps people put their energy into things that matter instead of their utility bills.


Misty Elliott
Vice President, Content Strategy
Public Sector Consultants