Growing up, Aram got hooked on novels while browsing Ann Arbor’s multitude of independent and used bookstores. He once even flew to Paris on a one-way ticket, hoping to live between the stacks at Shakespeare & Company. Through voracious reading and an inexhaustible curiosity about craft, Aram discovered that strong writing is often a matter of practice and patience, and that writing well requires radical revision as much as a red pen.

As a part of PSC’s marketing and communications team, Aram now applies his enthusiasm for language to the role of editorial manager. He oversees the firm’s editorial processes, ensuring consistent quality and objectivity across written materials. Additionally, he leads the firm’s writing workshops and editorial training.

Prior to PSC, he served as an editor at several venerated literary magazines. He also has a wide-ranging background in content marketing and public relations and taught creative writing courses at several literary nonprofits and universities.

Email: [email protected]

A Little More…

Education: BA in English from Michigan State University, MFA in Creative Writing from Northwestern University, and PhD in Creative Writing from Florida State University

With PSC since: September 2023

PSC superpower: Residing in tracked changes

Favorite part of working at PSC: Communal energy toward helping others

Why Michigan? Apple cider, autumnal sweaters, and Midwestern vibes