Erin has always been drawn to complex, intense, and emotional literature, especially poetry. She adores studying the written word, which led her to a college internship at a poetry center. There, her admiration intensified as she reviewed manuscript submissions and saw there was both an art and a science to writing poetry. She developed an appreciation for writers’ choices of structure, form, and organization, marveling at the shifts in meaning that arose from precise, deceptively minute decisions.

As a consultant at PSC, Erin maneuvers the line between art and science to support the health and human services team. Creative thinking is essential in her position, especially for considering multidimensional topics and working toward effective, practical solutions. She conducts research for the firm and its clients and interprets and presents collected data in ways that highlight the data’s meaning. She leads and supports facilitation efforts related to strategic planning and gathering stakeholder feedback, including developing materials, hosting sessions, and synthesizing findings. She also assists in developing proposals, presentations, and reports.

Prior to joining PSC, Erin worked as a client relations manager for a public affairs consulting firm. There, she administered business license applications, developed and scheduled communications to clients, and oversaw research efforts at the municipal government level.

Email: [email protected]

A Little More…

Education: BA in History and BA in Arts and Humanities from Michigan State University

With PSC since: March 2020

PSC superpower: Distilling the nuance from the noise

Favorite part of working at PSC: The focus on collaboration to motivate positive, impactful change across Michigan

Why Michigan? Every season is bonfire season