Gabrielle has been an avid reader since elementary school. After being lured into literature with fiction and thrillers, she ventured into nonfiction and memoirs; each book opened new ideas and worlds for her, bringing her knowledge and insight into current events, history, and people’s lives. Her love of the written word helped her develop multiple perspectives and insights when approaching texts.

At PSC, Gabrielle is a project support associate on the team that supports Catamaran, a Michigan Department of Education–sponsored software system that tracks local school district compliance with federal special education laws and regulations. She unifies the voice and language on all client deliverables and training materials to ensure accuracy and consistency. She also supports her team by maintaining project management tools, drafting agendas and reports, and tracking project outputs.

Prior to working at PSC, Gabrielle worked in customer service and marketing.

Email: [email protected]

A Little More…

Education: BA in English with a concentration in Digital Literacy from Purdue University Fort Wayne

With PSC since: June 2023

PSC superpower: Hazelnut coffee (two creams, one sugar) to power her productivity

Favorite part of working at PSC: Knowing I’m contributing to something that’s making a difference in people’s lives

Why Michigan? Trees, lakes, views, and its proximity to my hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana