Every summer since she was a kid, Jeanne and her family have spent a week or two fishing for walleye in northwestern Ontario. For Jeanne, what comes before and after the trip is as important as the trip itself. She’s as happy ensuring the tackle boxes are well stocked, reading the updated fishing regulations, and creating a photo album as she is catching fish. Those fishing trips taught Jeanne the importance of planning, attention to detail, and the value of reflecting on outcomes—all crucial for successful project management work.

Jeanne is a senior project manager for the Catamaran system, the Michigan Department of Education Office of Special Education’s online system for interacting with the field on matters related to special education compliance and improvement activities. Jeanne works collaboratively with a team of people from the Office of Special Education to design and implement solutions leading to Catamaran’s continuous improvement.

Prior to joining PSC, Jeanne spent more than a decade with the State of Michigan in the Office of Special Education. She also taught special and inclusive education in Kalamazoo Public Schools.

Email: [email protected]

A Little More…

Education: BS in Special Education from the University of Akron, MA in Special Education from Western Michigan University, doctoral work in Special Education Teacher Preparation at Michigan State University

With PSC since: August 2023

PSC superpower: Finding new ways to use Excel pivot tables

Favorite part of working at PSC: The Diet Coke is always cold

Why Michigan? The rich diversity of people and opportunities