Kelly is a natural-born creator—from music to novels to smart technologies, she’s at the cutting edge in all of her many facets. That focus on creation and growth serves her well when she’s exploring and experimenting with new relationships between public policy and tech—bridging two seemingly unrelated worlds to generate new opportunities and positive outcomes for her clients.

As vice president of the talent and economic development team, Kelly specializes in community, economic, organizational, and workforce development as well as educational system improvement. She researches and analyzes policy for clients at the local, regional, and state levels, taking on challenges that range from broad policy development to tactical implementation. She’s an efficient, hands-on leader, guiding processes and technological support to deliver real solutions.

Prior to PSC, Kelly spent 16 years of her career in the public and nonprofit sectors, including the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and the American Red Cross, implementing projects, programs, and systems to improve the lives of Michigan businesses and citizens.

A Little More…

Education: Master of Business Administration from Michigan State University, Master of Marine Policy from University of Delaware, and a BS in Biology from University of Michigan–Dearborn

With PSC since: May 2019

PSC superpower: Bringing people, policy, processes, and programs (the four P’s) together for mighty solutions

Favorite part of working at PSC: Working with the smartest, friendliest people to improve Michigan’s communities, education system, and talent pool

Why Michigan? Lakes like oceans with no sharks