When Meagan was in the sixth grade, she and her friends started a campaign to save the trees behind their school playground after a proposal to cut them down was initiated by the school board. They were inspired by their own local activists who were petitioning the decision, so they took to the monkey bars to fight for the trees. It was the start of a lifelong dream to be an advocate and ally for the environment.

On PSC’s energy and environment team, Meagan uses her research and implementation skills to assist clients in turning ideas into reality, supports and facilitates meetings and community conversations, and adds her ecological expertise to many projects. She also serves as grant manager for the Access and Stewardship programs for the Great Lakes Fishery Trust, a multimillion-dollar nonprofit managed by PSC.

Before joining PSC, Meagan supported research at Michigan State University contributing to data analysis initiatives and developing recommendations for park management. Prior to that, she assisted hiring and recruitment at the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to ensure the state’s social programs were met with the best candidates for the job.

Email: [email protected]

A Little More…

Education: BS in Environmental Studies and Sustainability from Michigan State University

With PSC since: March 2024

PSC superpower: Support with a smile

Favorite part of working at PSC: Making a difference

Why Michigan? Summertime and close proximity to favorite cities, friends, and freshwater lakes