Melanie has always wanted to understand how things function. Even as a child walking through her home, when an object caught her attention—a music box, a wind-up toy, a clock—she would be struck with the need to know, how does this work? Secreting the trinket to her room, she would pry it apart, examine it, and then, wiser, piece it together again. Through seeing how the parts fit and performed together, she understood what made the thing tick.

While a workplace is much bigger and more complex than a clock, the people in it all perform their roles and work together much like the components of any mechanism. As the vice president of people and culture at PSC, Melanie uses her proficiency in holistic analysis to develop and carry out the overall human resources (HR) strategy in support of the firm’s strategic direction. Her work focuses on HR leadership and strategy; talent management; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and workplace culture. With her ability to understand how everything and everyone that comprises PSC fits together, she helps PSC live its values and achieve its goals.

Prior to joining PSC, Melanie held various HR leadership roles at Michigan State University, most recently as the inaugural assistant vice president for HR supporting health sciences. Prior to that, she led the HR function at C2AE in Lansing, Michigan, and academic HR at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Email: [email protected]

A Little More…

Education: BS in Chemistry from Virginia Union University and an MS in Human Resources from Western Carolina University

With PSC since: September 2023

PSC superpower: Superhuman speed—the ability to pivot and manage the fast-moving parts of HR with agility and ease!

Favorite part of working at PSC: Learning about PSC’s awesome work that makes Michigan a great place to live.

Why Michigan? A boy from Battle Creek brought this southern girl to Michigan, but she now relishes Michigan’s diverse climate and Midwest charm.