It’s not surprising that Tina loves cross‐​stitch, a hobby that requires counting threads in multiple directions to make sure each stitch is exactly the same size. She brings that same precision and attention to detail to keeping the financial side of PSC running smoothly. Although Tina doesn’t recall when her love of numbers first surfaced, she has pretty much always been drawn to making sure everything adds up. Whether it’s performing bookkeeping tasks for the parent council at her children’s school, her homeowners’ association, a nonprofit, or a business, she loves using her facility with data and her organizational skills to bring financial order.

At PSC, Tina’s typical day is a mix of banking, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and financial project work. This requires extreme concentration and multitasking skills. She also works closely with PSC’s leadership team to improve the firm’s internal project management processes. Of most importance to her colleagues, Tina does her work, every day, with great style and a ready smile — something you can’t say about most bean counters!

Tina brings considerable bookkeeping experience to PSC, having worked in office management and software testing positions with numerous organizations. She also served as a paraprofessional for East Lansing Public Schools.

Email: [email protected]

A Little More…

Education: BS in Business Administration from Central Michigan University

With PSC since: January 2016

PSC superpower: Number wrangling

Favorite part of working at PSC: The breadth of projects we touch

Why Michigan? Vacationing in the U.P.