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The Economic Contribution of BlueTriton Brands Operations in Osceola and Mecosta Counties

Trial Court Funding Commission Final Report

A Landscape Scan of Immigrant and Refugee‐​supporting Organizations in Southeast Michigan

Economic Impact of Trail Development

Insuring More for Michigan

The Economic Benefits of Nonprofits

Changes in Michigan’s Child Care Landscape

Making Child Care a Regional Priority

Evaluation of the Michigan Energy Assistance Program: Successes and Options for Improvement

Michigan Roundup 1998

Michigan PeriSCope 1998

Health Policy Bulletin 1998

Tax‐​Free Renaissance Zones: A Preview of the Results

New Ways to Govern Local Schools

What’s Wrong with the Single Business Tax?

Overview and Analysis of the Michigan Budget, Fiscal Year 1997 – 98

Proposal A: An Early Evaluation

Michigan’s School Bond Loan Fund: A Program in Need of Repair

The Gaming Boom in Michigan

Michigan Braces for Term Limits


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