Like many of you, we have been following the twists and turns of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and working to be as helpful as possible. Here at Public Sector Consultants, being helpful starts with ensuring the well-being of our people so that we can turn around and support our clients and partners who are laboring to save lives and livelihoods for today and tomorrow.

Being helpful also means combining our curiosity and analytical skills to help answer questions or provide insight.

The latest fruit of that combination is an interactive map now available to you and anyone who might find it useful. Most people know about the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and its direct cash payments, which have sparked much public conversation. Those payments are designed to help Americans weather this storm and support their communities.

But just how much is Michigan going to receive from this particular provision? How big of a cash influx should the residents of each county expect?

Hover and scroll to see our estimates.

Michigan Responds

A spotlight on the institutions, organizations and people serving the residents of Michigan and beyond

Michigan’s higher education institutions are being called on to serve their communities while rapidly shifting to increase support for students. They are providing groundbreaking and timely medical research and lending unparalleled expertise to all sectors of the economy navigating uncharted territory. Our higher education clients and partners are rising to the challenge, including the state’s Research 1 institutions that are seeking creative solutions coordinated through the University Research Corridor (URC).

University Research Corridor logo

“Our URC universities are mobilizing their resources and expertise in a global race to conduct lifesaving COVID-19 research and respond to critical health, education and economic needs in Michigan.”

-Britany Affolter-Caine, Executive Director, Michigan’s University Research Corridor

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