Have you ever wondered what we really do every day at Public Sector Consultants (PSC)? Some people suspect we spend a lot of time sitting in meetings, reading stuffy intellectual tomes or thinking deep policy thoughts. As it turns out, we actually produce tangible products, like reports, proposals, presentations and infographics — and quite a lot of these things! Take a look at some interesting figures from PSC’s 2018 year in review.


The number of clients PSC held contracts with


The number of projects we worked on for clients


The number of reports we published


The number of memoranda we prepared


The number of proposals we submitted


The number of presentations we gave (that is, those that required formal PowerPoints)


The number of infographics we prepared


The largest number of requests we made for production in a single week (“production” refers to our editing and design professionals who make sure all of our work looks and sounds good)


The most pages reviewed by production in a single week

13 and 52

The number of new PSCers hired and the total number of people now working at the firm, respectively

Of course, none of what happens at PSC would be possible without our clients. So, to all of you, we offer our sincerest thanks. It is our great privilege to work alongside you as you try to make Michigan a wonderful place to work, learn and live. Here’s to an even bigger and better 2019!