Kelly Rogers

Kelly Rogers, Vice President of Talent and Economics

LANSING, Mich. — Public Sector Consultants, a nonpartisan public policy consulting firm, recently appointed Kelly Rogers as vice president of its talent and economics practice. Rogers replaces Tim Dempsey, who left the firm to serve as interim director of planning, building and development for the City of East Lansing.

“Kelly exemplifies PSC’s values, especially when it comes to delivering high-quality work and operating with integrity. Her ability to translate complex ideas into clear, actionable plans and her collaborative leadership style will serve the talent and economics team and our clients very well,” said Rachel Kuntzsch, president of PSC.

Rogers joined PSC in 2019 to lead the team that provides project management and operations support for Catamaran, the system used by the state to promote positive outcomes and ensure compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and the Michigan Administrative Rules for Special Education.

“What makes me most excited is the chance to scale Kelly’s experience to help a broader swath of clients create more equitable and prosperous opportunities for people and businesses in Michigan,” said Julie Metty Bennett, PSC’s chief executive officer.

Rogers has an enduring track record of working for the betterment of local businesses and improving the well-being of Michigan residents. Prior to working at PSC, she spent more than 12 years implementing projects, programs and systems at statewide organizations including the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and the American Red Cross.

“Kelly is well suited to carry on the meaningful public policy work that PSC has been doing for decades in education, community and economic development, and industry analyses,” said Metty Bennett. “She will bring a valuable perspective to our work and build on Tim’s steadfast leadership and commitment to serving the public.”

While at PSC, Dempsey conducted research and analysis of policies for clients at the local, regional and state levels. Under his leadership, the talent and economics team addressed challenges ranging from broad policy development to tactical implementation. Dempsey’s expertise helped cities and municipalities around Michigan create plans to strategically spend American Rescue Plan Act funds to help people and small businesses throughout the state thrive.

“Tim has a long and successful history of supporting community and economic development that started before his time at PSC and will continue beyond it,” said Kuntzsch. “Like all PSCers, he uses his skills and experience as a force for good to make a meaningful difference for Michigan and the people who live and work here.”

Misty Elliott, Vice President of Content Strategy