From a very young age, Donna has always sought to figure out all of life’s little details. Her Mom always thought she’d be a lawyer because Donna never shied away from punching holes in any argument if someone missed even a minute point. This inquisitiveness developed into a passion for problem solving that serves her well when helping to build new technologies, business models, and process workflows in the Catamaran system.

Donna is a project manager for the Michigan Department of Education’s Catamaran system, a PSC-coordinated project that tracks special education data compliance with federal special education laws and regulations. She sets her fresh eyes and keen problem-solving skills to the job by keeping track of even the tiniest techy details, supporting system upgrades and enhancements and working out any bugs that pop up.

Prior to joining PSC, Donna worked with the State of Michigan, ensuring that public school districts reported retirement credit accurately so that teachers, administrators, and support staff received their earned pension benefits.

Email: [email protected]

A Little More…

Education: BS in Computer Science from Michigan State University College of Engineering

With PSC since: February 2023

PSC superpower: Passion for problem solving

Favorite part of working at PSC: Brainstorming and collaborating with really smart colleagues who are both professional and incredibly friendly

Why Michigan? Because there’s nothing like the fall season, especially on the MSU campus during football pre-game